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Here is the website i have been working on Crystal Clear Thailand but i would like to add a small icon to the browser tab.I am possibly asking something quite similar to this other poster here HTML set image tab browsers Any ideas much All went well with creating the page, but Im struggling to get the icon on my browser tab.letter I using css/js convert html table to text without loosing format in c Why does adding a canvas element overlfow the width of the enclosing div? How do you add a tab space in HTML? How can I put search icon on website?Is there any browser add on to run PHP? How do I add icons to JPanel top and bottom? How do I keep my browser free from adds? HTML image set on the browser tab. This question already has an answer here: How to add a browser tab icon (favicon) for a website? 9 answers How do I set a little icon next to the website title on tabs in the web browser?Its called a Favicon, have a read. был добавлен HTML-код в то время как другие браузеры по-прежнему будут отображатьWindows 8 Icons - If you add an RSS feed, revisit this page and regenerate the browserconfig.xml file. Hoping it will target all IE but it isnt working. Is their another approach so the Favicon appears on the IE9 and below tabs? Thank You.However, it still does not display the logo. I have tried the following way to see if the icon will appear: