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My original dvd drive is damaged and everytime I put an Xbox 360 disc in, a message comes up (plays as a dvd) saying that To play this disc, put it in an Xbox 360, also in several different languages. Now Ive also tried out the replacement dvd drive, but its doing the exact same thing. As you might have guessed, I was surprised by the prices of the few remaining replacement DVD ROM units.Do you think that will work? if you have a 360 drive, an original xbox, and a SATA to IDE, AND youre willing to try this if you havent already, will you do it? pretty pleaaaseeeeee!!! All games are in DVD format and if the replacement drive can not read and detect dual layer DVDs then they will not be able to see any of the gamesHi, You,ll need to replace The DVD Rom Drive. The Standard/Original Xbox. only has a single laser unit. which doubles up as a cd/ dvd reader. if it,s 1.4. Insert a DVD Movie or an XBOX/XBOX 360 game into the "Original/Broken Hitachi DVD drive".This will make it much easier to identify in the future. 2. Replacement Xbox 360 DVD Drive. Suchergebnisse fr xbox one replacement dvd drive.Original Microsoft Xbox One DG-6M1S Blu-ray DVD Drive Replacement.Pads Original Xbox Controller Repair Xbox Locks Up / Flashing Red/Orange 1.

6 Xbox will not power on Fan Replacement -- Alternate Power Source.Determine the manufacturer of your X-Box DVD drive Check Xbox DVD version without opening your Xbox. All DVD drives listed are compatible with Original XBox 360 DVD drive for spares. There are ways to marry replacement DVD drives to the Xbox. See online for details.Durable Replacement DVD ROM VAD6038 DVD Drive For Microsoft Xbox 360 BenQ Silver. Tech Repair: Original Xbox - Overheating, Clock Cap Removal, DVD Drive Refurb. thewheelman282. Original Xbox Laser Replacement Tutorial Disc Read Error fix. Tinker Mods. Find great deals on eBay for Original Xbox DVD Drive in Video Game Replacement Parts and Tools.

Se7enSins caters to all types This is said to be more reliable than the Thomson drive. All Xbox 360 DVD drives require the firmware be flashed with your original security key from your old drive or swap your old drive board(PCB) into this replacement drive. This sale is for 1 pc. Philip High quality DVD Drive Fixes all Disc Read and other drive related errors. High Quality Replacement Power Cable. 10.00 each. Original Xbox Audio / Video Cable. Replacement neoprene rubber drive belts for cassette, open reel, tape, walkman, CD, DVD, VCR, video, projector.IFixit - Xbox Disc Drive Replacement: Use this guide to replace the optical drive in a The original Xbox is Microsofts first widely popular video gaming system. Смотреть How to replace my original Xbox DVD disc drive tutorial Ютуб видео, музыка, фильмы, обзоры, игровое и познавательное видео, и ещё многое другое,у нас найдёшь всё - мы ждём тебя! Find great deals on eBay for Original Xbox DVD Drive in Video Game Replacement Parts and Tools. Shop with confidence. Free delivery and return on eligible orders. requiring you to keep the original PCB with the new drive. i recently installed a friends xbox 360 elite dvd drive into my original xbox 360?Also searched as: Xbox 360 DVD Drive Comparison , Xbox Optical Drive Replacement , Original Xbox Repair Parts , Original Xbox Hard Drive Replacement , Modify Original Xbox , Fix Original Xbox , Original Xbox Explore discounts on Original xbox replacement dvd drive. This Samsung DVD Drive is a direct replacement of the original drive in your XBOX!. 2. Replacement Xbox 360 DVD Drive.Open the old original/broken dvd drive firmware which you backed up in step 1. Choose the Browse for file button "" to load the original/broken dvdrive firmware. My Xbox 360 slim DVD drive craped out on me and I need to find a replacement ASAP. I was wondering if anyone here would know of a place or website that I could go to to get it. The original drive is a Philips dg-16d4s FW-0225 made in Sep Original Xbox DVD Drive. Top Selected Products and Reviews.Ketofa 10 Pack Genuine Replacement Square Drive Belts for XBOX 360 Optical DVD Drive Repair Stuck Tray (SBS Square Type, Bulk Lot of 10 belts). Ive opened up my xbox and have discovered that the company I bought it from replaced the LiteOn drive inside with a Samsung MS28 drive andI would need to ship in the replacement drive from the US (side note will this affect my DVD region for original games?) for 150 so would like to know if its Это замена де DVD-ROM для Xbox 360 Вы можете использовать этот dvddrive для замены любого Xbox dvddrive. Большой, если вы кирпичом Xbox 360 диск, но все еще есть свои оригинальные ключи. Buy: 22.49 New Original DG-16D4S Philips LiteOn Replacement DVD Drive for Microsoft Xbox360.36.1 Disc/ DVD Rom Drive (NO Bezel) Original XBox (Buyers Choice) ( Replacement Part). How to replace my original Xbox DVD disc drive tutorial - Продолжительность: 9:33 Tinker Mods 17 158 просмотров.xbox one Dvd drive replacement (Nothing Left out) - Продолжительность: 21:22 iRepairFast 22 820 просмотров. Replacement Belt for Original XBox SDG-605 Samsung DVD Drive.Find great deals on eBay for original xbox parts and original xbox dvd drive. Parts Accessories for the XBOX 360 System. 3 DVD-ROM drive replacement (PC DVD-ROM). 3.1 Limitations and information to know before you start.The original Xbox only has a 8GB harddrive and many people choose to replace it with a faster and larger harddisk drive. :: Статьи | Замена DVD-ROMa на Boxе. :: Для этого Вам понадобятся: разветвитель питания см. фото ниже (продается в любом комповском магазе), новый DVD привод, ну и естественно чуточку терпения и аккуратности.Connect a normal PC DVD-drive on your Xbox. HOW-TO replace the Xbox DVD-ROM drive with a PC DVD-ROM drive. Free delivery and return on eligible orders. Compare prices save money on Xbox Accessories. Short of Ebay, is there a better place to buy a replacement DVD drive for the original xbox? Today, I looked up some websites on how to replace DVD Drives, in one of these websites, I scrolled down to comment section someone suggested Philipps DVD Drives would work best for Gen 1 Xboxes. All Categories PSP Parts Accessories Nintendo Wii Parts Accessories Playstation 2 Repair Parts Playstation 2 Accessories Original XBox XBox 360 Parts Accessories Playstation 3 PartsBrand NEW replacement belt for the XBox Toshiba/Samsung SDG-605 DVD Drive. This is a new part. While were on the subject of DVD drive flashing and replacement Ill clarify some things for you for future reference. Some places say you can just take any old drive from another Xbox 360, but that didnt work - I still get the same error. Philips BenQ VAD6038 DVD Replacement Drive for Xbox 360. CDN 55.80 your original drive key.DVD Drive Replacement Disc Disk Kit For Xbox 360 BenQ VAD6038 in Video Games Consoles, Replacement Parts Tools / eBay. These DVD drives are assigned unique .BIN firmware keys that are required to customise the console. You may want to replace the DVD drive if it fails or becomes defective.Only use a replacement DVD drive that is the same brand as your original Xbox 360 DVD drive. The original Xbox is Microsofts first widely popular video gaming system.This guide will show you how to replace your Xboxs hard drive. Xbox Motherboard Replacement.Xbox DVD Drive Disassembly. 1 Technique. Replacing an XBOX DVD Drive and a 40.00 mod unit you will have to leave the original dvd drive to be an xbox replacement drive Price: 16.00 Category: Replacement Parts Tools Condition: Acceptable Location: Winlock, WA, USA Feedback: 4032 (98.6) Platform: Microsoft Xbox Brand: Thomson Type: Disc Drive Model: TGM600 To Fit: Console MPN: TGM600 Bundle Listing: No Original Xbox DVD Rom Drive My XBOX DVD drive was slowly going bad, so I decided to replace it.Reply. I need to know where to get one and what are the best drive replacement(s) options?!i swap the dvd drives will the one from the PC work in my original xbox please help. Xbox 360 offers some fabulous game play but comes with its own share of tech-wrecks, necessitating Xbox 360 dvd drive replacement at times to fix the problem.Another good news is that the original Xbox 360 repair guide is available online which gives very easy, step by step instructions for Replacement DVD Drive Power Cable for Original Microsoft Xbox TESTED.Price: C 18.89 Category: Replacement Parts Tools Condition: Very Good Location: USA Feedback: 17993 (99.9) Platform: Microsoft Xbox Bundle Listing: No Type: Power Cable To Fit: XBOX ORIGINAL Console Dvd диск ROM DG-6M1S замена игры оригинальные драйвера для Xbox один DVD Замена DG-6M1S-01B Drive. 1 972,22 руб. / piece Бесплатная доставка. One used, tested working, original xbox 1 dvd drive.Thompson model tgm600use to replace any original xbox dvd drive.No keys or programming needed.this is for xbox 1, not xboxRelated Products. Xbox One Blu-ray Disk Drive Replacement Lite-on Dg-6m1s Original B150 Hop-b150. 4880 руб. Только у нас Original Xbox Toshiba DVD Drive Not Keyed Replacement Part Defective в наличии, доставка от 5 рабочих дней по всей России и СНГ. Image link: http://mybrowserupdates.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/ original-brand-new-philips-lite-on-dvd-rom-dg-16d2s-dvd-drive-replacement -part-for-microsoft-xbox-360-xbox360.jpg. Original xbox hard drive replacement solved Xbox 360 slim DVD drive replacement. What does replacing the original Xbox drive with a PC ROM meets the requirements for being an Xbox DVD drive replacement. Transferring the circuit board from the old drive to the replacement on Philips drives. This is a refurbished Philips Lite-On DG-16D4S DVD Drive for the XBox 360.Adems, disfruta de acceso a series exclusivas Amazon Originals. Buy an original Xbox replacement Disc drive here : httpMicrosoft Xbox DVD-ROM Fix for Toshiba / Samsung Model SDG-605.Xbox 360 Tutorial: How to Replace DVD Drive Part 1.

In this tutorial, we will go over how to disassemble the Xbox down to the point replace dvd drive original xbox, replace dvd driveOriginal Philips Lite On DG-16D4S Replacement DVD Drive Full Download XBOX360 PHAT Liteon DVD Drive Replacement Tutorial FULL HD VIDEO and Games With Gameplay Walkthrough And Tutorial Video HD.Download How To Xbox Original Gen I Stuck DVD Tray Repair And Laser Clean Thomson Samsung Fo PC Wii U PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 How to replace my original Xbox DVD disc drive tutorialTinker Mods.XBOX360 (PHAT) Liteon DVD Drive Replacement Tutorial FULL HDGameConsoleRepairs. Do you know if a replacement DVD drive from the US will work on an Australian Xbox?Xbox 360 Tutorial: How to Replace DVD Drive Part 2. How to change your original Xbox power button LED ring color PART 3 How to case mod my original Xbox . funkyflights: I have 3 original Xbox systems, 2 have the Samsung dvd drive and one has the Phillips XShadoWPaws: Do you know if a replacement DVD drive from the US will work on an Australian Xbox?

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