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SERVER[REMOTEADDR] returns the IP address of the proxy server not the users machine IP Address in PHP.Here I am going to share function which will provide the real IP address of visitors machine even they are using a proxy server. KRHD: IP посетителя - это именно REMOTEADDR. Если вам для чего-то (например, логов) понадобилось ещё что-то, что можно узнать о клиенте - пишите всё, что найдёте.Программист PHP. Посмотрите printr(SERVER) Ответ написан более двух лет назад. remoteaddress.Опубликовано 16 - 12 - 201020 - 06 - 2012Автор AdministratorРубрики PHP, Server-sideМетки remote IP, сниппет. PHP. 1 2 3. If your host doesnt have a registered DNS name, enter its IP address here. Curl через прокси - PHP Сети В общем виде всё так: lt?php function get(url, proxy) ch curlinit() curlsetopt(ch, CURLOPTPROXY List of trusted proxy IP addresses .Кроме того, если вам нужна дополнительная информация о пользователе, вы можете использовать это:

Ip Address: Proxy: No. It is clearly web proxy where commercial service failed and free one not. Php IP address script to know what is the IP address by SERVER[REMOTEADDR]. It accesses a given database and generates SQL statements thatIf your client is connected to the Internet through Proxy Server then SERVER[ REMOTEADDR] in PHP just returns the the IP address of the nginx как frontend к Apache показывает как правильно настроить? apache на 127.

0.0.1:80 nginx на 192.168.0.

3:80 конфиг виртуального хоста на nginxproxysetheader X-Real-IP remoteaddr Whether to use proxy addresses or not. As default this setting is disabled - IP address is mostly needed to increase . security.Also, if you need more information about a user, you can use this: Ваш ip адрес: proxysetheader X-Real-IP remoteaddr > proxysetheader X-Forwarded-For proxyaddxforwardedforHaml Handlebars Haskell HTML HTTP Ini iOS Jade Java Javascript jQuery JSON Julia Keyman LaTeX Linux Less LOLCODE Makefile Markdown MATLAB MySQL NASM Node.js NSIS Objective-C Pascal Perl PHP PHP.How do I get remote address properly ? Edit: I am using http-proxy. Your HTTP requests are now handled by the cache (Varnish) so PHP variables such as SERVER[ REMOTEADDR] will noThis poses a problem because many scripts now use the client IP address, this could be for Spam protection, session tracking/security, or just statistics logging. Browse other questions tagged servlets proxy client ip-address or ask your own question. asked.How to get the client IP address in PHP? 942. How do servlets work? Code: ip SERVER[REMOTEADDR] PHP F1. However this solution is not completely accurate, as if the user sits behind a proxy, then you will get the IP of the proxy server and not the real user address. PHP script to Find out IP address. We can get the Internet Protocol (IP) address of any visitor by using PHP.Proxy addressNot found. Other Server variables. SERVER is an array and it contains lot of information as supplied by server and one of the element is REMOTEADDR which gives us the IP Часто, при программировании на PHP требуется определить с прокси-сервера или нет пришел посетитель на сайт. When I run this script. I have as a result the client IP correctly.Proxy settings proxyredirect off proxysetheader Host host proxysetheader X-Real-IP remoteaddr proxysetheader If you are not still aware this server variable: SERVER[REMOTEADDR] cannot detect real IP address of the user if it is behind a proxy server. Below is a sample PHP script that can detect if a user is using a proxy or not: So how does the above script works? a valid value returned by "PROXYREMOTEADDRESS", if not then do not rewrite all using the .htaccess file?I fixed the issue in php if (isset(SERVER[PROXYREMOTEADDR])) SERVER[HTTPXFORWARDEDFOR] SERVER[ PROXYREMOTEADDR] Check if your proxy is truly anonymous. This test tries to detect your real IP address even if connected via a proxy server. Proxy server not detected. Remote address. ?> The code will not work if your client have proxy server. In that case use this function to get real IP address of client. -section code suddenly ends bug? Php to get IP address codeing.

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